About Us
A young group of software engineers who love their work! Enjoy.

This is who we are

Chris Peto CEO

Since 1999.

This is what we do


We connect to devices, control and monitor them, then visualize and notify people that want to know about abnormal or emergency conditions, using many different types of communication.


To provide the best possible adaptable solution at the best possible price without compromising our quality.

Best Possible Software

With high standards and intelligent experienced people, Resource Solutions keeps a maximized quality base. 


By being teamed up with NUVA technologies's award winning design team, we ensure a modern extremely ergonomic presense of your solutions.

Direct Contact with Customer (no call center)

We believe in direct contact with the customer and don't allow call centers to antagonize our customers or lose the meanings of what they want to communicate.  It also speeds up the development or maintenance phase of your solution.


Software Development

Chris Peto started working back in 1991 developing a Security System called Prisma for CETEC AG, Germany.  In 1999 he was asked to develop a device driver outside of CETEC and founded Resource Solutions.  In 2001, Chris quit working for CETEC and started full-time with Resource Solutions.  Since then, Resource Solutions has been working for companies like Siemens AG, Bosch AG, ela-soft, ETM, and Heidelberg Druckmachienen AG.

System Design

Chris was an artist before he started developing software.  He has brought many of those design/creative talents with him.  But recently, we have teamed up with NUVA Technologies award winning design team.

Web Development

We started web development when we started into SVG and Javascript, furthered that with PHP and extremely used it when we got into Android and iOS.  Now, we the have added cooperation between NUVA Technologies and Resource Solutions, we can proudly say we can design/program any web based system that can be imagined from our customers.